Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Skyblend subfloor coming today!

Our subfloor is getting delivered today! Before we go and meet the guy, I wanted to post about this stuff...it's 1/2" particle board that doesn't have formaldahyde in it. It's made from 100% recycled wood...pre-consumer but still better than nothing...and it's made here in Oregon! Neato!

You can check out our all the nifty stats about our new Skyblend subfloor here. I don't mean to advertise but I'm so excited to have found this stuff after being told by so many hardware store folks that it didn't exist.

Lara got rid of her twins for the week ~ she's celebrating her newfound freedom by coming over today to help us take the staples out of our recycled tounge and groove floorboards. :)

We're hoping that we can put down the joists and subfloor today and maybe even get some of the T & G down....I guess we need to rent a floorboard nailer thingy? More research needed - I'm going to look that up now.


Sunday, July 29, 2007


A sea of tiny holes all caulked over....

Here's that "little loop" I was talking about....note that there is no heater box in sight.

Here's that grinding attachment thingie before and after grinding...

Here's the awesome low-toxic, non-smelly, non-lightheaded caulking we got!! I heart this company....

A mountain of cotton denim insulation! These bags are heavy and awkward to move but very comfortable to lean against. We got 4 but I only see 3 in this picture for some reason...

OK, enough about the bus - Here's some totally off-topic pictures from the ever distracting and inspiring Oregon Country Fair!!!!!!

Me and J at our campsite in the 8!

Me loving my hyper-real fakedreads...

Main stage!!!

Me learning to juggle clubs in Chela Mela! Awesome!

I studied this guy's set up in energy park long and hard - its a foot powered skillsaw that really does work ~ and FAST! Now if I could only have a dual-use foot-powered saw/sewing machine....

J working at the fruit booth in Community Village!


Stay tuned for more updates - we'll start putting joists in on Tuesday!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

floor floor floor

Hey everybody,

Long time no post! J and I have been working on the bus in starts and fits but honestly, with festival season here and custom orders heating up at the Patchwork Underground, we have been stretched a little thin!!

After much much debate, we decided to go ahead with our plan to plug all the holes with bolts and nuts and screws of various sizes. We're done! We plugged all 220+ of them. Next, we sanded all the rust around them with a drill attachment ~ we went through FOUR attachments - expensive! We started caulking the windows and we're about to start caulking around the bolts just to make 'em extra water tight. Julia's dad also came down and cut us nice joists for the floor out of pressure treated 2x6s.

Finally, a floor seems to be in our near-future!!!

When our mechanic friend David came down, he helped us make a nice little loop out of the heater. We drained the tubes of coolant and then disconnected the heater box that lived near the rear of the bus. Then we made a short loop with some of the left over rubbing tubing so the coolant just flows through a short loop rather than an extra long one - this made the bus seems so much more spacious. We'd had a giant octopus-like mess of rubber tubing and heater box all draped over the front cockpit until then.

We've also been busy cleaning the interior of the bus so that we can paint the ceiling. It is so dirty! Cleaning above your head seems ok until you clean a whole bus ceiling...then your arms tell you that its not ok.

In other news, we scored a nice step-up fiberglass shower enclosure that some guy ripped out of an RV and put on craigslist for $20. Woo hoo! Once we get the floor down, it'll just be a matter of throwing all these parts and pieces together, boltin em down and hooking them up. We still plan on moving into the bus in about a month....we gave notice at our apartment so we'd better get crackin. Of course, we don't expect to be "all done" by then but it would be nice to have our bed area framed in and our basic water set-up happening.

Wish us luck!!

~i'll post pics of all this activity tomorrow~