Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Winter Wrap Skirts at Patchwork Underground!

Howdy all....as many of you know, our bus building and driving is on seasonal hiatus. The sewing machines are out, the patterns are cut and the X-mas holiday shopping/crafting season is well underway!!! We've been busy bees crafting up a whole new line of wrap skirts, fleece scarves and woodcut journals for everyone's holiday enjoyment.

Once market is all over and we're millionaires (ha ha ha), we're going to knuckle down and get on with the veg conversion. We promise to post details here asap! =)


BIG SKY CHEF said...

Fellow bus nut here. Like what you ladies are doing. The biggest Flea market in the winter is in Quartzite AZ.
Check it out sometime. Tom

Dan & Teri Gregg said...

Yea, yall might do pretty good out in Quartzsite this winter. We will all be there.

Susan said...

I love to wear wrap skirts.!! Got a new one from Lane Bryant.

Doctor Julia said...

hey big sky! thanks for the tip. with the economy the way it is i'm thinking about jumping ship on the handcrafted thing but we shall see. once you start working for yourself, its hard to stop. one thing's certain - i'll never stop making things!! =)

and hey also to dan - ditto on the tip. we're always looking for new places to vend. maybe we'll see you out there!

<3 erin + julia